Wednesday, 22 April 2009

AM2s paranoid madness.

AMW has confessed to reading Scottish Unionists blog, or as I know it "AM2" from The Scotsman. What a confession. I would sooner rub ground glass into my scrotum. (People pay good money to have that done.)

It has to be the saddest example of paranoia and cyber obsession that you could read, now it looks like I read it, well once I did, but now avoid it like the very bad smell it is. I thought the cartoon represents it perfectly. Stay away AMW you are much better than that.


brownlie said...

Last time I looked on this site it consisted of taking the more outrageous comments from allegedly nationalist supporters and portray it an indication of anti-English sentiment etc etc. Even the most idiotic must know that, given the anonymity afforded by the internet, anyone could post outrageously ostensibly on behalf of either unionist or nationalists. I tried to post a couple of times but was moderated for some unknown reason.

CrazyDaisy said...


Why waste your time being interested in that poor excuse for a human being, I'm sure ground glass rubbing of the scrotum is not necessary!


subrosa said...

CD, what interests me (because AM2's blog doesn't in the least) is how does KW know that some people actually like ground glass rubbed into their scrotum :-)

brownlie said...


Maybe he's got a crystal ball.

Advanced Media Watch said...

lol, love the little cartoon, mind you its not funny coz i think that realy happens in his house.

Yes point taking KBW, i will not visit the said blog again and i have now gone for a shower and cleaned myself lol

Key bored warrior. said...

Hey Rosie I said they pay money, I really have no idea if they enjoy it, perhaps I will Google.

Mind you I accidentally strayed on purpose into a channel one night which was doing a feature on a New York dominatrix. Her speciality was the application of sandpaper to the dangly bits of chaps who really did seem to enjoy it. As a man of the world who has spent R&R in such places as Singapore and Mombasa, nothing shocks me, but I can still be intrigued.

brownlie very sharp ;o)

daisy you said it;o)

CrazyDaisy said...


I'm not sure perhaps he was a Royal Marine in a past life.

The only thing missing from the brilliant toon is a wee ORANGE sash around his neck.


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