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Fishermen have been ruined and sent to jail thanks to a ruthless war waged by the marine agency, says Christopher Booker.

Having read the article regarding these fisher men, I am left with an overpowering feeling of rage and hatred for these bureaucrats and politicians who really do not know how to or where to draw the line. Day after day after day all we see is more and more sleaze and greed from these bastards.

As an ex skipper I know all to well what a cruel Mistress the sea is, recent events in the North Sea have shown us again. To have your life taken away by the sea is horrible. To have it stripped from you by your country is unforgiveable for such petty infringements. When I see these pigs of snobby elite officials and politicians breaking the law and walking away smirking it sickens me.

I used to wonder what had happened in places like France and Russia to cause their revolutions. I now understand why people become so incensed with anger against these people that they can so easily resort to civil disobedince and revolution.

They live in a bubble they have created. And the civil servants who keep the bubble intact are just as bad. They are detatched from reality. Look at these pigs in New Zealand.

Don't they understand just how vomit making they are?

The arrogant Smith, who has no shame despite her husband having to wank himself stupid, and charge us for it, whilst she racks up the expenses for sink plugs, barbies, plasma tellys, on and on and on it goes.

Look at the sneering liar Murphy.

This man has the blood of our forces on his hands and he walks away with cash falling out of his pockets. An Orange bigot who should never have been promoted to the level he was.

And why the fuck do we pay for their brats and wives to hog it.

MPs can use the allowance to pay utility bills, council tax, satellite TV subscriptions and buy household goods from the so-called "John Lewis List" of approved items.

They can also pay mortgages, and many are known to have acquired valuable properties which they retain after leaving the Commons.

More than 150 MPs claimed the maximum amount of ACA during 2007/08.

Despite his grace-and-favour Downing Street flat, Mr Brown claimed £17,073 under the allowance, spending the money on a house in his Fife constituency.

But when it comes to Joe Publics taxes, guess what?

A Cabinet minister claimed expenses on his constituency house and rented out his London home while living in a grace and favour apartment in Whitehall, it has been disclosed.

Guess who? Yes the supercillious, sneering, lying moronic Hoon.

And then as if the piggy bastards were not fat enough, the bubble protects them again.

There's more.

A classic line. "There are absolutely no economic benefits in subsidising Mr Timney to watch TV (and I don't care what he watches), except possibly a tiny performance fee to Green Emmanuelle, wherever she is, and some dosh for Virgin Media – and it is outrageous that these causes should be considered worthy of taxpayer support. There is no case for a fiscal stimulus if we continue to allow waste on this scale, and if Mr Timney wants any further physical stimulus he should blooming well pay for it himself."

I have ordered the book by Dale and Guido.


Labours sleaze:

The Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze
Edited by Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes
Politico's Media, 2006, £7.99

Tony Blair came to power in 1997 pledged to be whiter than white. "You are not here to enjoy the trappings of power," he told his MPs, "but to do a job and to uphold the highest standards in public life."

How have they measured up? Not very well, this chunky little paperback suggests. Peter Mandleson's mortgage, Bernie Ecclestone's donation, the dodgy dossier... are all here.

The Little Red Book was written in a unique way. The editors had the idea on Blair's Black Wednesday - the day Charles Clarke admitted foreign criminals had been released without being considered for deportation, John Prescott admitted to an affair and the nurses booed Patricia Hewitt.

They compiled a list of 101 scandals and invited Britain's bloggers - people who write political weblogs on the Internet - to write them up. They did so over a weekend (my entry covers Downing Street's attempts to muscle in on the Queen Mother's funeral arrangements) and the book appeared a fortnight later.

Inevitably the results are uneven, but they are great fun too. This is a superior version of those little volumes bookshops keep by the till and readers keep by the loo. If there is too much sniggering over sex - Ron Davies' badger watching is the least of our worries - there is also plenty of serious stuff. And if it has a Tory feel, more Lib Dems should have got involved.

Are there lessons to be drawn? Any government in power this long would be frayed at the edges, and I have long argued that Labour's emphasis on sleaze before 1997 was a way of disguising how little they differed from the Tories.

But there is something new about the way this government uses the media to attack anyone who crosses it. When Iain Duncan Smith revealed a lady called Rose Addis had been neglected in hospital, rumours were spread that she was a racist who had refused to be treated by black nurses. The Women's Institute and Paddington rail crash survivors suffered similar experiences.

So there is good reason to buy The Little Red Book - wherever you decide to keep it.

Labour has been accused by Sir John Major of presiding over a decade of "systemic sleaze".

The former Tory Prime Minister also claimed that Gordon Brown had squandered billions of pounds of taxpayers' money during his spell as Chancellor.

In an unusually scathing foray into domestic politics, Sir John protested that Labour had used "McCarthyite" tactics in opposition to portray the last Conservative government as sleazy. "What they did at the time was absolutely unscrupulous," he told BBC1's Andrew Marr show.

"Lots of people misbehaved in the 1980s and 1990s, but they were all individuals. It was never institutional. It was never related specifically to the Conservative Party or to the Conservative government."

He added: "The distinction is that sleaze has seemed to be systemic since 1997."

Referring to Tony Blair's pledge after his first election victory, Sir John said: "I think if they were to say today 'whiter than white' or 'purer than pure', people would just laugh."

The Porn Seceratary.

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