Friday, 17 April 2009

Words from the heart......

Reading Guido this morning and .........."


1. Have you read the http://www.theredflag motto? ” Though Cowards Flinch and Traitors Sneer, well keep the red flag flying here. When I was a young man the Red Flag was referred to as a Sanitary Towel. What an apt description of the Labour Party. Well I am no Coward, and as a Traitor, I will sneer. With a Party that will stoop so low as to have to invent stories of other Party members. They should look at their own records the, Ron Morris, the Peter Mandlesons, the thug and user of Public Property for his sexual gain John Prescott, The David Blunkets, The Jackie Smiths, and all the other Parliamentarian thieves, that have nothing better to do with their official time and expenses, than to use their nepotism to employ their husbands, to purchase pornographic films out of the public purse. Then when caught out, tell the public, “I’ve paid the money back, it was an oversight”. I do not have the benefit of being able to claim £140,000 pounds as expenses. In fact I doubt if I have seen that much money in a hardworking lifetime. I have been driving since 1950, in May of 2006, I committed the oversight of driving 39mph, in a 30mph zone, this cost me a £60 pounds fine and three points on my license, (1) oversight in nearly 60 years of driving. Why don’t these Parliamentarians have to pay for their breaches of the rules?
Now to another matter that has made me turn Traitor, to my former colleagues in the Police Service. I served in the time of the Notting Hill and Caledonian Road, Race Riots, that was as bad a time as anything I have seen in modern day Policing, What I can say is that if any Police Officer of that time had drawn his truncheon for any reason he would be writing reports for days, for the reason for doing so. All the time having to endure the daily throwing of petrol bombs at your person or others peoples property.
This Police violence of recent weeks, demand that the two Police Officers involved should be.sacked from the Police Service without pension. Traitor1."

He speaks for me and I suspect many, well done Sir........


Can a link be done in the comments section, if so can some kind person tell this old fart how?


Anonymous said...

Hey key bored, this is not at all funny you know, this is a real life account of todays labour party, how sick are they ?

Key bored warrior. said...

The thing is Guido gave a hat tip to this article in the Strathspey and Badenoch Herald, which points out that basicaly they are all the bloody same. Can we look forward to the SNP being better? I would like to think so. I live in hope.

Presumably he scans the press daily, or more likely has someone do it for him.

Scot Independent.


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