Sunday, 19 April 2009


If there is one thing that will get me blogging it is seeing Anne Macguire quoted and given any credence what ever in any press report.

So paranoid and insecure are these crooks that they now think they can object to the SNP using the saltire as part of the parties image. There is absolutely no restriction on using the saltire or any national symbol as part of a symbol or logo. Had Labour not been the London dominated, sleazy, English based, English biased party who foists English policies on Scotland and who also uses the colours of the English flag in their logo along with the symbol of England, the Red Rose, had they not been so subserviant and docile and supine, then they might have found the courage to use the saltire, but they don't, for all the above reasons. The Saltire has been avoided by them like the plague, lest it stirs up nationalist sentiment. For the same reasons these eunuchs under the direction of Dewar and The Alexander twins, not forgetting Kirsty Wark, refused to consider Calton Hill as the seat of government for Scotlands new government, despite having ready made offices and chambers there, and instead gave us the Spanish building site at Holyrood.

Brown and his cabal of vichy Scots, are so ashamed of their Scottish roots that they cannot even bring themselves to say they are Scottish. All we can expect from Westminster, the English parliament is ridicule and bigotry, in which our vichy Scots heartily engage. Wasn't it Scottish Labour MP Ian Davidson who shouted 'Who Cares!' when the SNP asked Margaret Becket a question in Westminster. Ohh how they laughed, as the flabby disgusting form of Davidson bounced up and down with unbridled mirth. I bet he never bought a drink in the members bar that night as his unionist bigots congratulated him. That's seen them of Iain, eh what?

And then we have the red faced ranter Macguire, who when the cameras catch her in the Holyrood chamber, looks as if she has been dooking for chips, such is the bitterness and animnosity painted on her sour face. She stated live on Radio 4 recently when beeing interviewed alongside Stewart Hosie that, "Norways Oil Fund has now been wiped out by the global finacial crisis." And Hosie let her get away with it, maybe like me he was so shocked he could not respond.



This from Mediawatch:
Only a treacherously Unionista Blatt like SOS could possibly present this a good news. The ruthless extraction of the oil that belongs to us,to our children and to our children's children is to be extracted at an even increasing rate in an effort to save Darling's wretched neck and the Anglo British state for another little while.Let us remind Darling that this is Scotland's oil . This at a time when Darling,as the First Minister made clear at the SNP Conference yesterday is threatening to cut £1 Billion from the money available to the Scottish government. Tom Peterkin makes no mention of this at all. We have no hesitation awarding him the Lickspittle Award of the Month.


subrosa said...

Smashing rant KW and totally justified. I can't understand why mediawatch aren't sending me emails, they used to do then it stopped. I've asked them to restart but no reply. May try again.

Wyrdtimes said...

With all due respect - there is no English Parliament. The Westminster Parliament is the "UK" Parliament - if it was English then there would be no Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs there. Eh?

Hopefully before too long this will be sorted out and the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs will be kicked out.

Bring it on.

OutLander said...

Great stuff, KBW.

It's good for the blood pressure to let off a little steam now and again.

And what better target than the Vichy, Quisling, fifth column, colonial lick-spittles, the Scottish Unionists, collaborators in their own people's economic subjugation.

Wow, I feel better already. This stuff really works.

Wyrdtimes said...

If it's any consolation the Vichy, Quisling, fifth column, colonial lick-spittles, Scottish Unionist, collaborators are shafting the English too.

But we get no representation to balance it out, plus the disgusting Barnett Formula, "English regions" project and to top it all the one eyed shite surfer Mc Broon dare not even say the name of our nation.

scunnert said...

Extracting our oil at an ever increasing rate while cutting Holyrood's pocket money - the union dividend.

Och - noo Ah'm depressed - where's mah Prozac?

Key bored warrior. said...

Aha, speaking of the English and the anonomous cowardly form of Wyrdtimes slithers from under it's stone to belch and fart. Begone with you you miserable excuse for humanity, you are a pee stained hyena breathed puss oozing boil on the arse hole of humanity. You and your kind are spineless toads hopping around croaking your incompetent fury at anyone who can be bothered to listen to your wart encrusted gobs. You do not have the courage or the ability to have an English parliament so you pretend that Westminster is Englands parliament, you are reviled around the globe like whinging degenerates you have become. If you now had only England to fill the coffers of your treasury, it would be back to the stone age... back to cavorting druids, death by stoning and dung for dinner.

Now piss of and bother someone who gives a fuck.

Missing you already.....


It is going to be a great day. Thanks Rosie, sorry for swearing, Outlander and Scunnert. I think that is how it will be from now on, as the summer moves on as I have lots of unfinished projects to finish. So I will just build up a head of steam and then open the valves every now and then. Great feeling thanks....;o)

Now I am in the groove I may have something to say about the failed AM2 cyber slime machine.

Wyrdtimes said...

lol and there's me being nice to you too.

Thanks for your kind words you cheeky little munchkin.

And you call me racist with that torrent of hatred at the English.

Where's your wee mascot the tartan chicken? Eh get to you did I? lol

This is so much fun I just might come back to say hello some time. Your piffle requires correction from time to time.

Toodle pip old man.

Anonymous said...

There are some posts here by one who signs himself "Wyrdtimes" in which he accuses Scots of racism.
This person is a regular poster on a site called
I have been monitoring it for some time. It is full of the most evil foul mouthed anti Scottish abuse I have ever encountered. Julius Streicher would have been proud to put his name to some of the torrents of witless festering hatred to be found there.
Wyrdtimes, you are in no positionm
to call anyone a racist. If you and the rest of the bams on that site are the real face of Engish nationalism (which I doubt) then you are truly donald ducked!
GET psychiatric help NOW!!!

Key bored warrior. said...

Anon. I am up to speed with the spineless activities of the BNP and the English sponsored trolls that are doing the rounds of the Scottish blog and media scene, I would even suggest that we see the hand of "the security services," in it. MI5 has opened a Glasgow office.

However this wyrdtimes is just a pustulent moron produced by some mother shagging her son and we see the result as he spends his sad life glued to a keyboard in some rotting English hovel.

There is plenty evidence of racist bigotry directed to us Scots by the English, and indeed all the Celtic nations. It has ever been thus. Check The Mail, telegraph and Guido comments whenever a Scottish subject is being discussed. Ironic then that Englands demise should be hastened by a cabal of insane malevolent Scots who have ruled the English parliament in Westminster for decades. Poetic justice I say. Let them eat cake.


Anonymous said...

Scots git - you regurgitate lies and damn lies.

Wyrd thingy is the only one who tells the truth - you lot make us true nationals look stupid - you are bigoted, xynophic and nastily disgusting racist.

I doubt you are even scottish and if you really are - then my gran would have a piece of you and teach you some manners.

Scot Independent.


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