Wednesday, 1 April 2009

England or Britain.

"First there are the nationalists’ claims that this is all part of some grand plan by the English government [run by Scots] to undermine every Scottish institution and thereby the case for independence. It would be plausible if it were not so laughable. Do they really think Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling have such a death wish for their own parliamentary prospects and that they really don’t care a fig for anyone working and living in Scotland?"


The very point illustrated in the blog snippet by
Terry Murden Business and City Editor of Scotland on Sunday. above was made by me recently in reply to some arsehole called wyrdtimes who slithers around the blogs like a rotting snail. The confusion that has been created in the minds of the Anglo Saxon Unionist and their minions is palpable. Time and time again they show how in their confused state they regard the UK as England.

With regard to the wyrdtimes slime I am confident I know who it is but it will take a bit more work for it to fall in to my trap.

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