Friday, 17 April 2009

Susan Boyle.

This is one of the most moving and inspirational things I have ever watched and I will watch it every day from now on. She has brought a tear to my eye.


subrosa said...

Kw you're days behind :) Wonderful isn't it? I listen to it more than once a day I have to confess.

If you want to embed it on your site here, go to mine and the link text underneath will take you to the page I took it from. The embed is there.

subrosa said...

The sound's better quality on the clip I have KW. Beautiful day here.

subrosa said...

KW, ignore what I said about taking my link, it's a short version I've just noticed. The best sound quality of it is this one, but it can't be embedded.

Key bored warrior. said...

Thanks Rosie, what a voice, God bless her, the weather here is Baltic.

Ah well I'm of into Glasgow to pick up a new car, well new to me.

The Landie will be in intensive care for a few weeks yet, blast.

Thanks again.

subrosa said...

KW I found a recording by Susan Boyle on another site and it seems the Daily Record dug it out. Have a listen. Just wonderful, it's Cry Me A River.

Happy New Car!

Key bored warrior. said...

Hi Rosie, just got back, the motors a stoater n that.

Susan sounds a lot like Lena Martell singing Cry Me a River. I had the privilege of meeting her once after a concert, she is a lovely lady also.

Scotland certainly produces some big female vocalists, it must be something on the water. Must go and wax me motor.

subrosa said...

Auch happy to hear the new transport is up to expectations. Mind and give the inside a wee dicht. So may men forget that bit.

Scot Independent.


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