Monday, 30 March 2009


During an exchange of ideas on Mr Dales blog Hutton thread, with a spineless Walter Mitty called Wyrdtimes , it made an observation regarding my tartan hen, (which I had become very fond of,) as a "chicken." As there is no such thing as a chicken this side of the border, and to avoid any similar confusions due to pig ignorance I have replaced my tartan hen with a wee appropriate logo for Wyrdtime and his ilk should they pass this way again.

The irony that this piece of cyberslime has not been able to grasp is that if you visit his blog it says, "For England." Followed by "nothing to see here move along." say's it all really. You see England and the so called English nationalist, has suffered more than Scotland and our identity. Because we are in possession of more back bone and moral fiber our identity has remained strong and confident over the centuries, whilst England became mired and confused in Britain, thinking Britain was there's by right, and so Britain became England in their subconscious mind. Scotlands national identity is much much stronger than Englands and this can be the cause of animosity in some BNP minds. Hence the BBC being regarded as the EBC etc etc. And the mentality that Scotland is just a branch office in a region that really ought not to have any head office function. I am now thinking, HBOS, Dunfermline, etc etc.

It is only in the past decade that we have seen the emergence of the Georges Cross as the national flag of England at rugby and football matches, when they previously sported the flag of all the nations of the UK the Union Jack. The clue is suopposedly the word Union. Suddenly the penny dropped and out popped St George to save the day.

It has now become serious as England is slowly waking from it's arrogant Empire induced coma to find that they are no longer "in charge," of the world and that they them selves are being ruled by a cabal of nasty vindictive Scots who are destroying all before them as they fight like dogs to keep there snouts in the trough and save their beloved party.

Scotland your time is now, grasp the thistle.

Saor Alba


subrosa said...

I do hope you're not going to bin the lovely wee hen. It's the only reason I read this every day :)

Key bored warrior. said...

The wee hen will still be stuck to this post but I hope you can find better reasons for reading my musings Rosie, sporadic though they are? ;o)

Wyrdtimes said...

Look parasite - it's a chicken.

It's an English word. You speak English right? Well sort of. Or do you speak scotch island shite? If it's the latter why not write in it?

Because you can't.

So it's a tartan chicken.

You wee bawbag.

Hey look I'm bilingual I can speak English and arsewhipe - the latter is especially for you. Now that's what I call making an effort.

Don't take it out on your sister or your wife - or both if they're one and the same.

Key bored warrior. said...

What a big brave Walt you are dickbreath, behind the keyboard. Fancy meeting up and going for a pint.

It gives you the courage that you so obviously lack in your life. To think you were once the strongest fastest spermatoza out of millions.

And I thought that brothers shagging sisters was illegal in Engerland. Now piss of you knuckle dragging oik and go and play with your keyboard.

Wyrdtimes said...

That's very kind of you - of course I'd like a drink with you.

Or is it perhaps a threat of violence? Wouldn't surprise me. You do seem like an archetypical Scotsman.

Your round old chum - for all the times we've bailed your wee shit hole out.

I notice you're retired - is that a euphemism for being on the dole?

Because I like you and your generous offer of a drink I'll help you out:

Can't have you left more confused than you already are can we?

Toodle fucking pip parasite.

Key bored warrior. said...

Trust me when i tell you that my offer of going for a pint was 100% genuine. You see despite the fact that you come across as an utterly odious racist cunt, who has the backbone of an amoeba, I am prepared to believe that their is room in every one to change for the better.

I would like to meet you in one of Scotlands, and Glasgows oldest and finest public houses, the Scotia bar, on any Wedensaday night of your choosing. There I will introduce you to some very fine writers,poets,and musicians who have one thing in common, they love Scotland and camapaign for it's secession. For your part please feel free to express your view that Scots are parasites, although I doubt you have the courage for that, but if you wish political discourse you will find it. If you want to express your racist shite you will doubtless find the nearest A&E, not by my hand as I am very particular in what I touch.

As I am now 60, and enjoying the fruits of my labours with two pensions and income from investments, I can assure you I am no parasite, I have done my bit. I am willing to take you on a tour of scotland as I now have applied for my free travel bus pass so can roam the length and breadth of our wonderfull country for free. Then like Michael Fry you will meet people and see just how patheticly your racist bigoted poxy brain has betrayed you.

Since you are such a low life snivelling cunt who could limbo under a snakes belly button wearing a top hat I would like to leave you with a thought, but alas you will have no place to put it. I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce.Time to up the medication.

Scot Independent.

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