Sunday, 15 March 2009

Andrew Marr in Edinburgh.

Just watched Andrew Marr from Edinburgh. He had Douglas Alexander and Alex Salmond on. At the end of his first chat with Alexander he said, "thank you both very much," which he quickly corrected, just shows you the effect Wendy has had on him.

However nice to see the BBC broadcasting from Edinburgh.

Former Defence Secretary John Reid faced fierce criticism yesterday as it emerged the world's largest security firm had won a huge contract from the Ministry of Defence weeks after taking him on as a consultant.

After the events in NI and the failure of private security defending the Army, this latest snout in the trough revelation from New Labour leaves a very distinct odour of vomit. It is people like the thugs Reid, Ingram, Hoon and Browne who have caused many of our service people to loose their lives and health through their lack of support, lies and downright contempt. Whilst they are busy filling there pockets as fast as they can stuff the cash away.

Was it always like this or am I just getting more cynical or is the press getting better at finding these crooks out?

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