Saturday, 7 March 2009


Seems that BBC Alba has not been assimilated by the Unionist Borg. This programme tells the story of the duplicity and dirty tricks of the Unionist establishment.

I have been trying to download it as it is only available for a few days on BBC i Player, but I cannot make the downloader work, my intention was to put it on You Tube as it should be kept for posterity and wider viewing in future.

Saor Alba.


subrosa said...

KW I watched it when I couldn't sleep in the morning. Couldn't get the downloader to work either. It's on the BBC Alba programme page too. Would it be easier to download it from there. You know I'm no techy.

Key bored warrior. said...

Hi Rosie I downloaded the downloader thingy from the BBC Alba page and still could not make it work.

I am no PC techy either. I can strip and rebuild engines and gearboxes but Pea Sea stuff leaves me with my eyes rolling and reaching for the Glenmorangie.

It would be great to get that programme on You Tube, maybe there is a security bug in the iPlayer to stop that, I love conspiracy theory;o)

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