Wednesday, 11 March 2009

State sponsored censorship

I was going to blog on MI5. However I know see that the Diomhair programme has been removed from You Tube. So if that has been done by the BBC then they must equally remove all the other material on there. BASTARDS.

There is no doubt in my mind that the security services are behind this and the carry on with the Scotsman and Herald forums.

It just shows how truthfull and damaging this programme is to the Britnatz state.

It will resurface of that there is no doubt.

Saor Alba.


Anonymous said...

Something is at work and someone has something to hide.

It is this sort of tactic by Gordon Brown that will lead to public unrest, Labour cant get it through their thick skulls that the truth will always come out.

I think it is more of a xase of the bbc being told by labour to remove the content rather than MI5 but who knows.

Scunnert still has the content on his blog.

Key bored warrior. said...

AMW the post on Scunnerts blog takes you through to You Tube so it will not play. What a blatant disgrace, these bastards know that they can get away with murder literally. First Glenrothes and now this, something needs to be done.

subrosa said...

KW I was about to tell you I knew it was posted somewhere else but you've just said it's not playable.

You're right, but when I was trying to get it for scunnert, a friend said the BBC would remove it from YouTube because it's copyright and they don't like 'certain' programmes being downloaded.

This country's going to the dogs. It's up to you young ones to get this sorted, I've been fighting all my life and I'm getting weary - but it was never this bad.

Your friendly pirate said...

Downloads from BBC iPlayer have a number of drawbacks:

1. They can only be downloaded from within the UK.

2. They use a proprietary file format that can only be played from within Microsoft Windows.

3. They contain Digital Rights Management, which prevents you from playing them on any other machine.

4. This same Digital Rights Management disables the file entirely after, I think it's 30 days.

5. Someone with a certain amount of knowledge can remove every last one of these restrictions, and produce an identical video that can be copied and distributed right round the world, and played on just about anything, even a home media centre.

All in all it's a bit of a shame.

Might I refer the Honourable Gentleman to the torrent site link posted last night:

Key bored warrior. said...

Pirate many thanks for your efforts I am sure they are well intentioned. However you are dealing with someone who is as Pea Sea literate as Father Ted.

I did look at your site and clicked on the download thingy and then it just went pear shaped as Mr Microsoft told me he does not recognise etc etc and would I like to search the web at which point I took a swally of Glemorangie and let the amber nectar sooth me.

Rosie I feel the same as you however I do feel that a corner has been turned and we are not going back despite the dark arts. God damn them to hell.

If the excuse for taking this programme of You Tube is copyright what about all the other BBC stuff on there.

They are very very frightened Rosie and we live in interesting times.

scunnert said...

Two people had uploaded it onto YouTube and it took them two days to remove both. So after the first one went down I replaced it with the other - now that's gone as well. BASTARDS ---

Aye - they're selective in what they restrict, and it seems to be more political than commercial, although that is their cover story. But in a digital age they're onto a loser. Imagine getting microsoft to set up your system - fools.

Couldn't find a torrent for it on Pirate Bay - which would've been okay for private viewing but no good for sharing without a server to upload it to anyway.

Cheers tae the lads who got it on YouTube though as I got to see it and quite a few more possibly. But really - for nationalists - there wasn't much we didn't know already. It must have been a revelation for unionists though.

Anonymous said...

I can still get it on YouTube.

Whose account has had them pulled?

Scot Independent.

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