Friday, 6 March 2009


This article by Moridura is excellent and unsurprisingly is what is happening with Scots and Newsnight and Newsnicht, which have now like The Scotsman just become New Labour press releases. What with Glenn Campbell, and his twin sister Kirsty Wark assaulting the ears with there patronising grating accents, Politics now is a refreshing change and for me at least is my political programme of choice. BBC Scotland continue to be a joke.

Ponsonby had Gray by the short and curlies and boy did he let him have it. The hypocrisy of Labour is offensive, even to Labour supporters, even Gray as dense as he is must see it.

72% Of people now want a referendum on independence, and the anti-Scottish, anti-Democratic Unionist cabal are running scared, because they know that Scotland wants independence. This will blow back in their torn faces.

We could not do any worse than the UK who are now going down the Mugabe road and printing money. History is once more being repeated and the IMF will soon be running the UK.

Mandelson is now trumpeting the UKs green credentials, and picking up on the message Alex Salmond has been highlighting for years on renewables. What a pity it was only guacamole and not shit in the cup the young lady threw over him, today.


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