Sunday, 15 March 2009

Muriel Gray in the SH.

This piece by Muriel Gray in the SH has really hit the nail on the head. There was something about the whole protest that just did not add up and Gray has nailed it.

It was like a BNP march that was on last year after they won a by election, where they were flying Saltires and Welsh and Irish flags, that still had the creases in them and looked brand new. Spuriously trying to claim they now represented mainstream UK political opinion.

These Muslim protesters looked exactly the same, all their clothes still had the creases in them as they had just been taken from their packing, and looked just to brand new. The trainers and track suit bottoms were just to much.

I still say that these marches are complete bollocks and all these soldiers want is quality family time or maybe even some quality time to be alone with their thoughts and get their heads sorted before the next op which will not be far of.


subrosa said...

You've my full support on withdrawing these pointless parades and for the very reasons you say.

subrosa said...

I've just read her article and think it's brushing a problem into the long grass. There is a problem and, although I see her view about laughing at these nutters, the nutters can't be ignored because they attract other nutters.

Am I making sense? Naw? OK I'll stop but I do think we have to be very aware of what's going on down south. said...

I said it years ago when the war on terror BS kicked up. The worste and most debilitating thing you can do too any fundamentalist is take the piss. You don't need invasions, you don't need bullets. Just good old fashioned chuckling and a polite sling yer hook.

They just take themselves so seriously they could not handle someone laughing at them, in front of their peers their minds would just crumble.

Key bored warrior. said...

Juan, I agree to a point but there are some things that cannot be treated in that way. However the press need much more regulation as they are irresponsible, going after the big story with no regard for national security. For instance the best thing they could have done in Luton was not show these muppets on national TV and newsprint.

Many times during the trouble in Ireland I wanted to shoot some of the press because they were paying young lads to start riots and throw petrol bombs for their stories, then they could retire to the bar in the Europa, before closing, to boast about their exploits.

Of course a well timed bomb scare and subsequent evacuation for a few hours, usually got the message home.

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