Wednesday, 11 March 2009

State sponsored propaganda campaign.

Whilst following a link from another post I inadvertently stumbled into a blog which I generally avoid like the pox, in it I found the following, who would salivate over this:
“Coupled with the intellectual case for Scotland (or the case against Britain) is a kind of arrogance: that Scotland is a more moral nation than England. When I mentioned this to George Kerevan, a senior editor of The Scotsman and a prospective parliamentary candidate for the SNP, he said, “I think Alex Salmond would agree with that.” When I was waiting, in the company of some older delegates, for a train from Perth to Glasgow, a younger man who had recently lived in London joined us. “Let me tell you,” he said, “they [the English] have not got our values. They don’t care about society. They are different from us.” I said this was nonsense; the older men looked embarrassed and the younger man moved away.”
And a woman threw a shoe at Jim Murphy and cried, "Scottish not British."

Or remember the Newsnights car with English flags on it being left in the Gallowgate,
to be trashed by thugs with scarves covering their faces because they knew they were being filmed by the Newsnight crew that paid them to do it.

What desperate transparent stuff.

Here is a true story. It concerns a woman who had moved to a lovely wee fishing village in the North East, which I know well, and opened a restaurant. She had a lot of trouble retaining staff to work there. The woman was from Essex.

One day she had friends visiting from Essex, and was having a drink with them in the local pub. She was impressing them with her boasts of how cheaply she had bought her house and attached business, after selling her semi in Essex. How beautiful the country was. But a country that was spoiled by one thing only, it was full of Scots.

She then went on to denigrate the local population saying they were shiftless and lazy and would not work for her.

Being a wee village the word spread instantly and needless to say several months later she felt it wise to go back to Essex. No one would work for her and she was ignored in the village. I wonder why.

Some months later a story appeared in a national news paper about racism in Scotland and how this poor women was destroyed by racist Scots.

See how it works.

Imagine a Scot behaving like that in London or Essex.

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