Monday, 16 March 2009

We shall remember them.

Three more soldiers die in Afghanistan. I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading on Afghanistan. John Reids famous remarks, about not a shot being fired will now be echoing in many peoples conscience. Although not his, as he picks up directorships and consultancy work with private security companies for example, who surprise surprise have just pulled down a massive MOD contact. The reputation of private security is not good with the Army after events in NI.

Reading this mans blog has changed my opinion a wee bit. If we can, with the US and other countries roll back the Taliban, it does seem to be a good cause as the Taliban are pure evil.

It is a dilema when people like Mugabe are allowed to get away with mass murder, and stuff his bank accounts with stolen revenue from the Zimbabwean people. Should we not be changing his regime?

However it is important that whilst not agreeing with the political shit that happens we continue to offer our moral support to these warriors as they do what they can.

The Pakistan situation is not helping and it looks like getting a lot worse, the area is a volcano waiting to erupt.


subrosa said...

I'll include this in my blog selection on Saturday.

The other week I emailed the SNP about Alex Salmond forgetting to mention, at FMQs, the soldier who was killed because he was too involved in speaking about David Cameron's situation. Had a good response to say it won't happen again.

Key bored warrior. said...

Thanks Rosie. We are where we are as they say, and it is hard for me to decide who is the more evil. The Taliban or our UK politicians. Whilst talking a good game and depriving these warriors of the kit to do the job.

Air support in the shape of Apaches would seem to be one element that is significant by it's absence. Where the hell are our Apaches when they are needed?

Much more protection is needed for these patrols. It seems that even the Jackal vehicle is not up to the job.

scunnert said...

The taliban and Mugabe may be evil but regime change is nothing more than western imperialism. Let people sort out their own messes.

Key bored warrior. said...

There is something in that Scunnert, but should we sit back when people are crying out for help.

If we walk away from Afghanistan can you imagine what horrors would be inflicted on these poor sods.

I know we have plenty mess of our own to sort, and I agree we should never have gone back to Iraq, on the false claims of Blair.

Should we have left Saddam in Kuwait?

Turn a blind eye to N.Korea?


All these places have the potential and the desire to do bad things to us.

an ex-apprentice said...

Mr Scunnert,

The Anglo-Saxon nations, the Brits, Yanks, Cannucks and Aussies are virtually alone in the world in being prepared to fight for other people's liberty and freedom from oppression; so many others are unwilling to fight even for their own.

This is not "Western Imperialism", or any other jingoistic soundbite; the cause itself is a noble one, even if the path by which we got there, particularly in the case of Iraq, was not.

Dear Mr Kbw,

You are right, Reid set the tone. There is only one way to fight a war and that is to devote to it whatever it takes to win. For eight years we, led and directed by such fuckwits as Reid, Hoon, Ainsworth and Brown, have given our forces the ability only to achieve stalemate, if that.

As a result the lives lost are tragically wasted, sacrificed on the altar of Brown's parsimonious ignorance and arrogance.

Key bored warrior. said...

Apprentice, I share your sentiments on the political elite who care more, much much more for their own nests than any other thing on earth.

I do not know of one politicians child who serves in the middle east as a member of the forces.

Perhaps I am wrong?

Scot Independent.

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