Thursday, 12 March 2009

Diomhair is back.

It seems I may have been a wee bit hasty, as the Diomhair programme is available on You Tube @

So perhaps I had tried to view another users channel, or perhaps the paranoia got to me, or perhaps Chicmac put it back up. My apologies to MI5 ;o)

Either way Chicmac well done you are a star, I will nominate you for the Freedom of Scotland, which will itself soon be free due to information such as this. No one can see this and not be angry.


Anonymous said...

Ah ha, nice one kbw so at last commonsence is with us again.

Think this time i will burn it onto my Windows media lib so if they do take it away i will still have it.

Key bored warrior. said...

Aye AMW common sense indeed. I cannot decide if it was taken down and put back or was there all the time as I know it was on two channels. Anyway I have posted the link on Google groups as some American people were trying to get it.

Saor Alba.

subrosa said...

JuanKerr has details of how to download it on his blog (via torrent),

Oh Spook how I wish I knew how to put it on my hard drive. Maybe download it via torrent? Gawd I wish I was more techy at times and less emotional :)

nikostratos II said...

Key bored warrior.

This is for you...Ugh ahh! 'POOP' Phew! stinks a bit

Key bored warrior. said...

you are so predictable....spouting shite seems to be your fortie. no surprise to hear you guff a bit most bores do, missing you already.

Saor Alba. said...

Wee hint! SVCD format, lots of cheap cd's , jaz up with printer and doon yer local high street!

this knowledge is public property
:-) said...

Aye chicmac, same goes from me too. The battle for Idependence and truth is built on the shoulders of many individuals.

Key bored warrior. said...

Juan SVCD? I would love to say ah ken whit yer oan aboot. But really ah havnae a scooby.

I am of the Father Ted school of gadgetry and gizmos but thanks for the heads up, I will drop it in my silo and see what ferments. said...

"I will drop it in my silo" Excellent!

You can get software to (theoreticaly)convert diomhair avi from the torrent download to an svcd format. This enables you to playback on a dvd player using a dvd disc or as it is small enough a cd.

Theoreticaly you could print of a cd for pennies, add a label and hand to your friends..and colegues....

Wordver : morders - yes perhaps after that!

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