Thursday, 26 March 2009

We shall remember...

An excellent article in the ST on Lee Johnston who made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. Politicians should have this article in front of them in future when they are voting from the comfort of their armchairs in cabinet to send our forces to war.

The cabinet headed by the PM should also be required to attend the arrival of every coffin from these wars and attend the funerals and meet their families, show respect and compassion and think about the real cost of their decisions.


subrosa said...

Good post KW. I'm another who is disgusted nobody ever turns out to Brize Norton to pay respect to the body bags. All our troops get is a named mention at PMQs - even Jade Goody got a lot more than that.

Disgusting behaviour from disgusting politicians.

Mind you, I emailed John Swinney the other week because Alex Salmond didn't pay tribute to the last soldier from Arbroath. It was the FMQs the week David Cameron's wee lad had died and Alex was doing his bit about that. No excuse though.

Doubt if John will let it happen again though. I told him it was extremely disrespectful and he agreed although he said it was an oversight.

WV: heropr (apt)

Key bored warrior. said...

Good for you Rosie. We should not have to remind them, but it just shows how far down on the horizon our forces are to these elite career politicians.

The thinking seems to be, "they volunteered, so what," not good enough.

Scot Independent.

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