Sunday, 8 February 2009

Rusting nuclear submarines in Rosyth.

If there is just one reason required for Scotland to secede from the UK, it is this image of 7 rusting nuclear submarine hulls in Rosyth Naval Dockyard.

There are many many other valid reasons. But this sums up Londons imperialistic view of Scotland.

Sorry guys we are taking all the lucrative refitting work down to Devonport, but you can have the poisonous scrap.

Oh yes and we will also berth the active subs there and all the nuclear missiles very close to the most heavily poulated part of Scotland.

The Union Dividend.

We really don't care if it is also close to the most deprived children in the EU, or that your health in that area is one of the worst health records in the EU, and most of you live on state benefits, here take that jocks,

Have some Union Dividend.

The reactor left on board remains intact (apart from the removal of the spent fuel modules). It is highly radioactive and classified as Intermediate Level Waste. The estimated amount of ILW is 850 tonnes per vessel (at Devonport total of 3,400 tonnes of radioactive waste in reactor compartments, at Rosyth 5,950 tonnes - combined total 9,350 tonnes). ILW include radioactive carbons, tritium, cobalt-58, zirconium-95, and cobalt-60. The radioactive coolant is also left on board as processing this through the ion-exchange system normally undertaken during refit would only give workers unnecessary doses of radiation. The 'removable' radioactive waste is around 160 tonnes.

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