Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mr T on election fraud in Glenrothes.

Now then Mr Traquir has unearthed a very interesting nugget on The Scotsman forum I do hope he will forgive me for reproducing it but I am an avid reader of his comments:

Traquir , Alba,

03/02/2009 00:54:37 Well this is quite interesting.

"THE ONLY official record of who voted in a Westminster by-election that rocked the political world has mysteriously gone missing placing a question mark over the result."

"All the major parties, including Labour on election night itself, had predicted that the nationalists would narrowly win the seat, which borders Prime Minister Gordon’s Brown’s constituency.

The Labour victory sent shockwaves through the SNP and was the catalyst for a revival of Labour’s fortunes nationally." - Not for long of course :)

"Candidates and their agents are allowed to see a copy of the register, which records only who voted and not how they voted.

However, after repeated requests for the document last month, Councillor John Beare, the convener of the SNP Central Fife constituency, has been told that it has gone missing."

Last night Central Fife SNP MSP Tricia Marwick said

“All I can say for sure is that the crucial information that proves it one way or another has gone missing.

“I have no evidence of foul play. I sincerely hope not. But the turnout at this by-election surprised everyone and the result was a surprise."

see - tinyurl.com/b28kcf

The Broon bounce has bust anyway , I wonder
how much the saviour of the World would be up
to a rerun :)


subrosa said...

I've done a bit on my blog about that KW, when I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night. The Courier's my local paper.

Anonymous said...

Yip this smells of a rat, did i not read over 6,000 postal votes were recorded ? The figure for a by-election is normaly a fraction of this. Alex Salmond knows it was rigged but he has to watch what he says.

Labour had to win this election to ensure that Brown stays on power, or should i say Brown rigged the election. If they did this in a by-election then what will they try in a nation wide election ?

Anon said...

You have an excellent blog. We're going to use this Glenrothes material on our blog. Hope you don't mind.

Kindest regards


Key bored warrior. said...

Hello Aangirfan,
Thankyou for your generous comments on my blog, it really is a grand way to sound of and have a wee laugh as well.

The aricle in question on Glenrothes originates in the Dundee Courier. Subrosa has a link to it on her Blog.

Please God let there be an EU enquiry into this.

I feel a letter to my EUMP and my MP coming on, see what Blogging does.

Scot Independent.

Stuff I did ;)


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