Friday, 6 February 2009

Electoral fraud Glenrothes.

The two previous posts are linked and relevant not least because of the disgusting cringe making Scottish Questions in Westminster this week. The performance of Murphy and his cohorts was utterly contemptible.

But it is absolutely in line with what happened on Newsnicht on Thursday where we had the anti-English pot stirred again.

What Labour are so deperately trying to do is raise smoke screens all over the place and ramp up the anti-SNP rhetoric to cover up the rotten stench coming from Glenrothes.

No politician will say this but Labour / have form on this, and I truly believe with all my heart that some one on the dark side shredded these documents. A voting register is a very substantial amount of paper, which would have taken a long time to shred. It is not one sheet of paper that would blow away because renovation work was taking place on the nick.

The smart arsed remark from the reluctant Labour MP Roy was just pure contempt. He should be furious and kicking down doors as it is the only way he can show that the election was legal and above board. Calum Cashley makes a good point, there is another way.

You could sense the naked anger bordering on sectarian hatred emanating fromMurphy on Scottish Questions. As the governor general of Scotland he is the one who's job it is to make elections safe and above board in Scotland. On that he has failed. As Douglas Alexander failed.

The background chattering and mocking laughter that takes place during Scottish questions is testament to the desire of the Westminster gravy train elite that they have nothing but contempt for Scots.

When their naked hostility causes Mr Speaker who is one of them to chastise them, it shows us just how bad things have got. This story will run and run.

Referendum now please Alex, bring it on please.


brownlie said...

The smokescreen Labour put up in the Commons, what an irony that word is, is exactly the same as smee, rufus and that dick Grahamski put on in the Scotsman if, by some mistake, the paper prints anything in favour of the SNP

Henry North London said...

Thanks but the GMC wont let me work the way I want to

They may aswell have suspended me for all the amount of work I can apply for Im subsisting on benefits which is why I want out of Medicine permanently

Key bored warrior. said...

The Scotsman is a total disgrace Brownlie and the forum which will be the down fall of the paper.

They are so blatantly biase and just simply a Labour press release agency now.

Henry I don't know what you mean but good luck anyway.

Scot Independent.

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