Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Aye Rosie the Biased BBC Blog is good but does not seem to touch on the BBC "regions," as Scotland is classified by the Empire builders.

There is a huge vacum opening up in the media market right now in Scotland. The demise of the so called 'quality' newspapers is rapid and looks as if it will all end in tears. I just wonder if their is someone out there who can put together a newspaper that Scots could trust as impartial, if indeed such a thing exists. I suppose all news papers are subject to political engineering from the elite class who think they know best. Trouble is it ain't working.

However I just find it so irritating that I now look at the news paper display in my local and turn away. Although today I bought the Telegraph, (sssh,) because it had a vitriolic piece on Salmonds speech in America and Simon Johnston quoted a "source close to the UK government," ie. he Johnston, as saying: "A cynical attempt by Salmond to equate himself with people of historical significance." He added: "Alex Salmond's delusional and embittered rant shows how desperate the Nationalists have become. He needs to focus on the fact that the people in Scotland don't want their country to be seperated from the rest of the UK and focus on powers he has to help them through the economic turmoil."

A very substantial and bigoted quote from a source close to the UK goverment. So substantial that you really would think that they would want to put their name to it, but no, in Telegraph land it is anon. That quote then can only have been fabricated by a bigot like the so called journalist that fabricated the article.

The other thing of course is that it does not appear in the UK edition, or on line, so as far as I am concerned is yet another cynical piece of Britnat propaganda spoon fed to Scotland through the biased UK media, dark arts indeed. What contempt to show a nation, but hey we are used to that from Daan Saath.

Now then if a simple man like me can see through this pish, then I am sure that most people can. I say simple, not implying that I am mentaly defective but that I really used to enjoy reading newspapers, especially on a Sunday, one of lifes simple pleasures, like fixing my Landy, fishing, hill walking, enjoying nature and the beautiful country I feel priveledged to share with you all, but these crooked dishonest cynical bastards are taking even that reading pleasure away.

Saor Alba.

PS this is going on the main page, I am enraged.


Anon said...

Good post. We told The Telegraph why we would not be subscribing to it.

Key bored warrior. said...

Thanks for that. I normally would not buy it, but I felt a wee bit guilty standing reading a paper in a shop during a "downturn."

subrosa said...

KBW, where I live Somerfield's are shocked if someone actually buys a paper. The kids on the tills say' Do you really want this?'.

let's get serious. There are lots of issues floating around about Scottish newspapers and particularly the Daily Record group today. Seems like lots of Scottish journalists are applying for posts to be 'internet editors' or whatever. Sorry I've lost the link for that but read it earlier somewhere.

Key bored warrior. said...

Rosie, I keep hearing rumours about a cyber news paper appearing shortly in Scotland. I know there is the Flag in The Wind, but that is a bit one dimensional.

Scot Independent.

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