Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Glenrothes election fraud.

Labour, can teach him nothing.

Had to blog as the Glenrothes story is growing legs even as we blog. The reason I think, as do many others that something illegal has happened is because Labour have form on this going back decades. That plus the fact that they are confirmed as corrupt lying sleazy shop stewards, tells me if it smells of sleaze then it is sleaze, and Labour will be in the thick of it. If this is uncovered as I think it will be, then this will be the tipping point for Scottish Independence. We need an independent enquiry now by the UN and the EU. And I am writing to every one I can think of to say that.

The following is copied from Scottish Mediawatch todays issue:

How it's Done

From Donald Anderson

Former Senior SSP Member

Electoral Fraud in the 1970s

In the mid 70’s I acted as a polling clerk in two municipal elections, two years running in Glasgow. I was a mature student at Strathclyde and a mature student friend, of the same political persuasion, was also a clerk at the next polling Station. I was at the Round Toll and he was further down Cowcaddens. The old tenements were still there and this was in the height of the Glasgow Clearances.

It soon became evident that all the staff were Labourites. One was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. The words “communist” and “Great” Britain obviously presented no problem to him. I immediately concentrated on him, talking about John MacLean and his international Socialism, being careful not to mention his stand on a Scottish Workers Republic and his persecution from the Great British State, the Labour Party and the CP of GB. I had to stifle myself when the Labourites joined in, even more ignorant of socialism, then the GB member.

I was one of them, a British Nationalist Labourite, they thought. So they laid into the SNP and I managed to bite my tongue. They showed me how to stuff the ballot boxes during the quiet spells, of which there were many. They stamped ballot papers and put their crosses next to the Labour candidate and shoved them into the box. If someone came in and their vote was already used, they just scored the next one off the electors roll with a ruler. The voter could hardly notice this, as the Roll would be upside down to them and they were usually confused as to procedure.

Towards closing time a (now deceased) cousin of mine, Sammy Halliday, came to vote, rather the worse for wear after his shift as foreman on the ashfelt and his shift in the pub afterwards. His dunkey jaikit, working claes and boots were covered in ashfelt. He immediately recognised me and dumped a broon paper parcel of ham ribs on my Elector’s roll, proclaiming to all and sundry. “Haw. That’s mah wee cousin. I’m votin’ for him. He’s SNP. "Up the Scottish Socialist Republic.” Was I mortified? I can still picture the Pom Frits’ furious and helpless faces. There was nothing they could do about me. Usually, they are always running to the polis station with the pettiest of complaints about the SNP. When my cousin finally realised something was up, the clerks, rather unsportingly for Old Firm fans, refused his generous offer of a Skwerr go ootside. My own disappointment at their refusal to fight was soon dispelled when he offered me the ham ribs and telt me no’ to gie thae basturts ony. I took them hame tae the wife. I’m too good tae her.

My chum, at the next polling station, loudly declared is allegiance to an Independent Scotland at the end of the evening and gave them some anatomical advice on stuffing their papers. Between the pair of us I reckon we outvoted the Labour Fiddlers Rally and the winner was the late Angus MacIntosh, SNP Cooncillor for Coocaddens. I tried to advise the SNP to get everyone to act as Polling Clerks each election and outvote the paid Labour Clerks. But, did they listen?

I’m 71 noo and they can go the polis if they like. Or better still, try and take it oot the nose. I’m still up for it.


subrosa said...

Super post KW. I've put you on my list thingie. Take off that stupid H & S warning and just tone down the language a wee bit. The pictures are fine, but as I said in my answer to you, just don't put up photos of orgies. My blood pressure couldn't cope and brownlie (my pal) wouldn't be able to drive his ball off the tee next morning.

subrosa said...

Hey KW I no longer get Scottish Mediawatch by email. If you've contact can you ask them why?

Key bored warrior. said...

Hi Sub, do you mean the one with Flabby Foulkes or the one on the right hand side

I think you are right, I just thought it was humourous, I mean some of the photies are horrible.


Key bored warrior. said...

Contact them as above.

Does Brownlie only have one ball?

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