Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Xenophobia and Father Jack.

One of the many and varied charges laid at the door of the Scottish bid for independence is that it will create an inward looking country riven with xenophobia. I can think of one fanatical loyalist blogger who picks away at that particular scab relentlessly.

"British jobs for British workers," mm now which British prime minister said that? And then hearing the sound of a passing bandwagon, out pops good old Father Jack as Duncan McNeil on last nights Newsnicht. Never missing a chance to form a committee to have a pop at the SNP and waste more of our hard earned tax, this clown has decided to follow on where Brown left of. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and be considered dumb than to appear on Newsnicht and confirm it, what an oik.

Talking of oiks, someone needs to have a word with the Labour leader, about his speaking in the chamber at Holyrood. It is like hearing someone drawing their nail down an old fashioned black board. (I hear they are now white,) watching the poor tortured spectacle of Gray trying to out wit Salmond. His wooden gestures, the lip sweat, the voice tremors and the shifty eye movements are bad enough, but worse much much worse is the leering mouth foaming swivel eyed head of Father Jack aka Duncan McNeil, bobbing around just behind him, mouthing every word and then practically spitting across the benches at Alex Salmond. Pure theatre. Labour have without any shadow of a doubt brought Holyrood chamber into disrepute.

That it seems is all they have left in the tank. Spoiling tactics, and inciting sectarian hatred, blowing back in their bitter faces in the most spectacular fashion. Speaking of which what happened to Spud?


subrosa said...

Jing KW, I get a warning now from blogger!

I certainly don't want to see a xenophobic Scotland and, from my contact with the younger generations, I doubt if that would happen. If I even thought it would I'd give up the struggle.

Aren't you a bit harsh on Rev Gray? Poor man, he's doing his best, plus he worked for Oxfam remember :-)

I shan't comment on Duncan McNeill but would like to say it would be a much healthier Parliament if there was some quality in the labour party.

Key bored warrior. said...

You are very restrained, what do you mean you get a warning?

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