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The Madness of AM2

Normaly I get on with things and often cannot be bothered with blogging and forums and such, but having just had a wee keek at The Scotsman just to see how rabid it has become, and was drawn to look at the Lloyds story.

Just look at the explosion of phlegm from the latest moniker AM2 uses as Rufus T Firefly. Even just the simple fact that he is on the story before it goes on line is enough to show that this loyalist nutter is sponsored by and condoned by Mike Gilson the editor. He is sponsoring someone who should be in a padded cell. I do believe that the AM2 thing has finally stepped over the edge into full blown insanity. Todays example:


13/02/2009 23:04:49
How can this be true?

From the BBC in September...........

"Scotland's first minister has launched an outspoken attack on the "spivs and speculators" he blames for targeting Scottish-based bank HBOS.

Alex Salmond told BBC Scotland that HBOS was soundly based - and that financial regulators should have acted to forestall the speculative attack."

So top economist Alex Salmond thought HBOS was 'soundly based'?

Well if a £10 Billion loss is what happens when you are 'soundly based' then thank goodness HBOS never had any financial difficulties.



13/02/2009 23:10:27
Also from last September...............

"ALEX Salmond last night triggered a bitter cross-border row over the HBOS crisis by suggesting that if he had been in charge of an independent nation, Scotland's oldest bank could have been saved from takeover.
The First Minister claimed Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling stood "idly by" as a deal was done to merge HBOS with Lloyds TSB, failing to give the Scottish institution the backing it needed.

Salmond said he would have advanced billions of pounds of credit to HBOS – which employs 17,000 people north of the border – in a bid to ensure its short-term survival while the financial storm raged.

I wonder how an independent Scotland would have funded that? It would have been money down the plug hole after this latest anouncement.

With Oil at a near 4 year low, and our 2 biggest banks bust, an independent Scotland would have a worse credit rating than Zimbabwe.



13/02/2009 23:17:20
Anybody wanting cheered up?

Remember this from Nevsky..............................
Moscow 29/10/2008 10:29:00

He (Brown) can't back down now, he has sold off HBOS on the cheap and that is that even though it is clear now the bank could and can be saved to operate independently.

Another huge blinder from Brown, Scotland to pay the bill of course!

HAHAHAHA Nevsky what a fool you are.

Nevsky with his finger on the pulse as usual.

'sold off on the cheap' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


13/02/2009 23:20:20
Alasdair Darling got it spot on last November.

"An independent HBOS could still be in financial trouble with "very substantial problems to resolve", Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, has said, as he hinted at the circumstances that led up to the offer from Lloyds TSB.
Mr Darling said HBOS had been too dependant on a wholesale market that had "dried up". Pointing to a report from the Office of Fair Trading, Mr Darling said even if HBOS had been able to independently secure a government rescue HBOS was far from "out of the woods."

"The idea that HBOS was a perfectly happy functioning bank and there was nothing wrong with it and then along came Lloyds TSB and put in a bid for it, that is not quite right," the Chancellor told MPs on the Treasury select committee."

Contrast Darling and Salmond.

Darling called it right.

Salmond, once again, called it badly wrong.


13/02/2009 23:26:15
AHA another classic from Nevsky the Norwegian Banking Expert............

Moscow 29/10/2008 11:54:23

Seem to have gone all quiet, everything OK or just the shock of what the UK has spend while Ireland has done it without a bean shocking for you?

Oh they have retained all their banks by the way, better part of the euorzone that the UK it seems!


"Ireland has done it without a bean"


Nevsky, the Norwegian Banking expert strikes again.


One look at this mans blog, tells me he has the measure of AM2 and has him skewered and filleted on a regular basis, despite his paranoid moderation and censoring of comments on the Scotsman and his rancid bitter wee bile soaked blog.

It is entertaining but what rankles me is the way that they have destroyed The Scotsman with this British Nationalist fanaticism, which AM2 has imported from Ulster.

He maintains in his utterly false bio that he comes from Ulster and is married to a Catholic. Which in his deranged mind gives him mocking rights in Scotland. His sneering and gloating under his different monikers would earn him Brownie points in BNP and the forums of the Telegraph, The Mail, Guido, and very many other Little Engerlander publications where the Jocks get slagged of day in day out.

The simple fact is that there are forces at work in Scotland who's primary function is to derail independence, Mr Cameron said he would do everything in his power to stop Scottish independence, if he became prime minister at the next UK election.

"What ever it takes," means just that. MI6 and MI5 are not sitting on the sidelines watching this, they are actively agitating and planting seeded comments and disrupting in any way they can get away with.
They are getting away with murder. Plenty more where that came from.


subrosa said...

You feeling better? Personally I think we give AM2 and his bunch of nettles too much air time or should I say blogosphere time. Very true they're ruining the Scotsman forums but it's up to the Scotsman to do something and they won't. Hell mend them because they lose a lot of hits.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

They don't care subrosa, pay for one loony and he attracts the rest.
A hit is a hit.

brownlie said...

The best bet is to ridicule them on every occasion. I always do when I can be bothered and there is always at least one chink in their armour you can exploit.

Key bored warrior. said...

Hi Rosie, feeling worse after watching the first half at the Parc de France. They are playing sixteen men.

Came back in to find that Scotland had indeed lost. Why oh why were some of them saying before the Welsh game, "we can win the 6 Nations." A bit like Salmond with his "free by 93."

After that I got to work on my landy and made good progress.

With regard to the bigot and The Scotsman. We will just have to differ. I think bigotry and the dark arts on display at the Scotsman ought to be tackled on the blogosphere otherwise what is it for? The Herald forum has been ruined by this agent of the Britnatz. The Scottish media is corrupt and tainted with Unionist bias. So lets tackle it and not let up.

Saor Alba.

Anonymous said...

Hey keyboard i agree with subrosa and also with you, I wouldnt go near his blog again but your right he has to be tackled head on and your doing a great job but dont give him any ammo by posting on that rag of his.

Key bored warrior. said...

AMW I will be avoiding his wee bile soaked raggy like the pox it is in future, life is to short and I have a Landrover and bike to enjoy.

I think I will try and just blog once a week now that spring is in the air.

Now that I am getting more used to the blosphere and the blog machine it is a really usefull tool to library all the stuff you would clutter your drive with.


Ford Transit said...


I managed to provoke Rufus one night last week and it is clear that he is also "David Banks", the potty-mouthed multiple-rapid-posting thread wrecker.

Johnston Press is ultimately hastening its own demise with this strategy of seeding threads and selective moderation of comments.

Key bored warrior. said...

I agree FT, it is such a same that the once great and honorable Scotsman is being destroyed by the Anglo Saxon kabal under Gilson.

After reading the thoughts of Dame Stella Artois Rimington, (the mind boggles,) there is now no doubt that the Scotsman is now a state sponsored organ.

The wonderfull irony is that it is now doing more to hasten the demise of the Union than those stupid astroturfers could imagine.

Saor Alba.

Scot Independent.

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