Monday, 9 February 2009

Nuclear poison and politicians greed.

As I have always thought the UK nuclear programme has been linked to the US. These links travel right through the industry. Dounreay was an experimental fast breeder reactor which was used for many US/UK experiments which is why it was sited on the North coast of Caithness, who cares if we poison North Britiain, the same as we did Gruinard, it is just peasants and sheep there?

As someone who grew up in Sutherland in the 50s, the lie that was spread regarding Dounreay at the time was that electricty would be produced that was to cheap to meter, and that in a few years the Highlands would be rewarded with free power. This was a direct copy of the propaganda being spread at the same time in the US.

On an equally poisionous subject, Capatain Darling is refusing to step into the culture of greed infecting the banks, as we hear yet more disgusting news of the proposed RBS bonuses to be paid, using money from the tax payer. And then we read of the MPs continued gorging at the tax payers trough. This time in the shape of Jaqui Smith, enough to put you of your porridge.

Another inextricable link between two groups of greedy self interested elite trough gorgers. They are removed from reality and live in a bubble of avarice and envy constantly gloating over the latest story of corporate greed and excess, lusting after the big bonuses and life style they hear about on the old boys grape vine. There is no difference between these people and Russian Mafia. The politicians dare not stop these bonuses, where then is there for failed politicians to go when they get kicked out of office?

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