Wednesday, 11 February 2009

LIT and Maggie Broon.

The SNP have done the right thing in postponing the LIT. If for no other reason than to highlight the anti-Scottish policies of Labour. (Where ever did they get that from.)

"John Swinney has announced that he will not proceed with plans for LIT until after the next election.

According to Mr Swinney, this is because he cannot command a parliamentary majority on the issue - and because there are cuts coming down the line from Westminster which threaten to destabilise council finances." From BBC.

What is Labours policy on Council Tax? As someone who pays around £30 per. week I would like to know.

Labour already in for a hiding, will rue the day they set their face against the LIT and betray "the hard working families," they treat with such utter contempt.

Much to interested in lining their own piggy pockets with tax payers loot. What a blessing for them that the other hogs in the pen, the new witches, the Bangsters, have wiped their greed and corruption of the front pages. But not from the memories of the electorate.

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Indeed. They are only highlighting too the Scottish people their utter contempt for them at the polls. Putting Westminster and childish behaviour above pressing issues that face each of us. Council tax is useless and very expensive for the low waged, all Labour have shown is they are willing to put party above doing the right thing. Each one that takes a wage in the Scottish parliamnet should have sneezers in their coffee wherever they should go. Same goes for the complicit "Scottish" Media.

Key bored warrior. said...

The thing that gives me hope is that people seem to be able to read between the lines now and see labour for what they are. Maybe the internet has helped in that and bloggers like your good self Juankerr ;o)

The Penguin said...

Is that one of Tractor Stats' pictures?


The Penguin

Key bored warrior. said...

It is indeed Penguin I got her of Picasa, a wee smasher in pink?

Rumour has it he is not averse to the feminine role.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

What's he doing dressed up as Thatcher then?

Key bored warrior. said...

"What's he doing dressed up as Thatcher then?"

He must have nicked the dress when he was sniffing around Maggies knicker drawer when she stayed at No. 10.

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