Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Here sits the Scotsman forum censor.

He sits on this commode and never sleeps...........

Someone has managed to sneak into the dungeon under North Bridge where AM2 lives and get a shot of him hard at work. I wonder which one he was when this was taken.
AM2/ smee/ rufus/ grahamski/ the master/ happy english/ Fairfax, imagine that out on the streets we really should thank Mike Gilson for incarcerating him.

Me well I am keeping this switched of until Sunday see you then as I have a Landy to finish and the snow has gone.....


subrosa said...

Bye for now KW. What's a Landy??

Anonymous said...

Did i not see the pic on churchills blog ? ffs that is one fat cunt.

Key bored warrior. said...

Sorry there is to much shit going down for me not to blog today.

Aye AMW, fat cunt indeed, he does seem to like the odd pie or two, I wouldn't like to clean out his cage. What is Churchills Blog?

I was shocked when I first went to America and walked down the street in Calgary, all you could see was great big massive arses wobbling away, and that was 20 years ago.

My Landy Subrosa is my Landrover 90 200tdi which I love and cherish. Because I am a creaky old fart it carries me up mountains and along sunset beaches and keeps me going as I just love being out in the wilds, so does my wee terrier.

In my head I am 21, alas my body says 59. My doctor said to me, "you have the body of a 21 year old, but you will have to give it back as you are getting it all wrinkled" ;o)


Anonymous said...

LOL - AM2 is morbid in many many ways

Brian Hill said...

I can only assume brown envelopes have changed hands for AM2 to get such a flattering picture.

Did you use photoshop?

Anonymous said...

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