Friday, 6 February 2009

Good for Mr. Speaker.






Commons Speaker Michael Martin
Mr Martin said MPs should stop criticising the Scottish Parliament

Commons speaker Michael Martin has warned MPs to stop criticising the Scottish Government.

Mr Martin told members that prolonged criticism gave the impression that Holyrood was all MPs had to talk about.

His remarks came during Scottish Questions when MPs of all parties clashed over Scottish Government policies and the Scottish budget.

Mr Martin reminded MPs that Holyrood was a parliament set up by Westminster and given devolved powers.

He added that it should be allowed to get on with the job.

"The Scottish Parliament is a creation of this House," he told MPs. "We devolved the power.

"Prolonged criticism of the Scottish Parliament gives the impression that all we've got to talk about is to attack the Scottish Parliament."

The SNP's Scotland Office spokesman Angus MacNeil said: "At a time of recession, it is disappointing that Labour MPs can't raise their level of debate and find more constructive contributions to make.

"Jim Murphy and Labour need to end their obsession with the SNP. The people of Scotland would rather see them following the SNP's responsible example than being envious and bitter."

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