Sunday, 1 February 2009

Lord Zebedee's trough.

I'm going to swear. Have just read an article by the Lardy Foulkes the most odious revolting flabby disgusting bastard on the UK political scene.

He is in the Scottish edition of the Express, the dead tree, but you cannot get it on line as the site defaults to the English express when you try and search for the article. Bloody typical.

Anyway the flabby one is banging on about, Cyber nats, and once more making disparging sneering remarks about Ireland and Iceland. He really is the most predictable knuckle dragging oaf in Parliament, even worse than Prescott and that is some going.

He says Scotland if it were independent would have a Prime Minister who was marginalised, like the Irish or Icelandic premiers.

What exactly is these two premiers supposed to be marginalised from?

Ah, perhaps because they are not in the coalition that invades sovereign nations and murders their citizens on the pretext of them having weapons of mass destruction? That will be it.

Or perhaps in Lardy Land, it is that they cannot point big long phallic symbols of nuclear rockets at other nations? Whilst having a cull of pensioners every winter as they die in fuel poverty?

The terrifying fact for these self serving unionist eunuchs is simply this. Scotland will be much much stronger and held in higher esteem internationally once independence is achieved, read it and weep Mi Lardy.

He then goes on to say that Alex Salmond is hell bent in breaking up Britain by stealth. No No, oh large flabby one there is no stealth, there is no secret, it is all there on the official SNP web site, independence from London is their raison d'ĂȘtre, have you just found out?

But he then goes into slaver overdrive as he moans about the SNP hyjacking the saltire, Burns and all the other Scottish symbols and images that his bloody party of crooks have spent decades sneering and making cheap jokes about.

His predictable rant just recycles all the old ghostie stories we have heard the unionist old guard trot out when the SNP are on the ascendency. The poor old drink sodden bugger is living in the past and like so many of his sour faced colleagues in the Holyrood chamber he is stuck there and cannot budge, riven as they are with hatred and loathing bordering on sectarianism, what a disgrace.

The behaviour of Foulkes and his gang of Rock Apes in Holyrood have isolated Labour even more as they have brought them selves into disrepute with their howling and baying and speaking loudly when SNP members are speaking. What a digusting spectacle the bitter sour faced shop stewards of Labour make.

If this greedy disgusting hypocrite had any sense he would shut up and become invisible, The latest revelations about him and his avarice which knows no bounds in the ST just turns my stomach.


subrosa said...

Is it worth my while following you or are you going to fall off the ether again? lol

I disagree with you about Lardy being the worst, he's equal to at least another 99.

Key bored warrior. said...

Thats what I'm like Sub. I am restoring my Landrover right now, so when something like Lardy lights me up I just have to tell someone. If people read this I am flattered it is like a cyber punch bag where I can go and let rip.

Sometimes I think that mongs like Lardy are closet nationalists. But then when you read about the depth that his fat jowly face is in the trough at Westminster you can see why he is such a staunch defender of the Anglo/ Brit Nat state.

I should really leave this blog alone until the weekend as I have discovered it is not a good way to start the week with his Lardships image in your minds eye, or any eye! So that is probably what I will do.

It's been snowing here and is now bloody freezing, you can smell the Polar Bears shite, I don't fancy any Landy work today. Ah the joy of semi returement. I have yet to read this mornings press.

It was interesting yesterday to see so little reporting, if any by the Scottish media on the latest opinion polls which show how much blue water the SNP have now put between themselves and Labour. The wreckers of Labour and the sweaty Gray made another spectacular blunder.

The question of independence seems to be dropping in support, but like many others I believe that there is one big unknown event which will push the Scots past the tipping point, and I do think that the present incumbents of Westminster will deliver it. I am confident that Scotland will be independent very soon.

Now where's that vacum cleaner?

Key bored warrior. said...

I really should use spell check and preview. Typo...returment of course is retirement, or us it?

Anonymous said...

Well said Key bored. Foulkes is a despicable little spiv. I despise the guy. This little rat was running around the parliament last week trying to see if he could bring a vote of no confidence on the SNP. He is so narrow minded he can only think of his own ego.

I hear he is to be investigated over new sleaze allegations

Scot Independent.

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