Saturday, 21 February 2009

Child poverty.

The Labour government could go out of office having failed to meet its target of halving child poverty in Britain by 2010, one of the most-respected campaigning organisations on the issue has warned.

New projections by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, based on current policies and the potential impact of the recession, suggest that the numbers of children in poverty will fall from the current figure of 2.9 million to 2.3 million by 2010 but this will still be 600,000 short of the government target of halving child poverty by then.

Child poverty is defined as children living in families whose income is below £226 a week, which is 60% of the median average of the whole population.

The JRF report warns that unless an extra £4.2bn is spent on raising tax credits the Government will miss the target by 600,000 children by 2010 when a General Election is expected to be held.

You really have to contrast the above with the actions and continued sneering by the oleaginous yes man, Murphy, the professional nodding dog politician, and his quest to undermine the legitimate Scottish Government. Even his own speaker in The House has warned him and his cronies to stop his constant criticism of The Scottish Government, and still he goes on and on.

He has the audacity and hypocrisy to constantly accuse Salmond of "picking fights with Westminster," what is worse is that these eunuchs now appear to be totally oblivious to the fact that they are reviled and despised, through out the land. Every time they open their mouths they lie, and treat the people with utter contempt.

Just ONE of the many targets 'MISSED'. With Crash Gordon Saviour of the World and the Banks in charge it is not only child poverty that will blight the UK for the foreseeable future. As the UK spins ever faster down the pan with the ordinary 'hard working families' and the 'truly prudent' pensioner suffering the pain.

In NuLiebour land the rich get richer.... Ex PM's Bankers MP's and Lords obscenely milk the system for every last penny watching the gap between the have and the have nots ever widen.

Smoke and mirrors designed to try and cover up the huge debts run up by his bogey munching master. Thanks to Cybernat for an excellent post.

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