Sunday, 15 February 2009


Have read the aticle by Mike Russel in todays Scottish Sunday Express, the dead tree issue, regarding the coming Scottish Independence. A very clear and concise intelligent argument. And I thought given Mike's new ministerial post on the constitution, that we could not be in better hands.

Would it not therefore be a delicious irony if this Scottish National Party, MSP, born in Bromley, Kent, as English as the Beefeaters, were to deliver Scotland it's independence. What a master stroke by Salmond, what a poke in the eye of the Britnats elite.

After reading about the duplicity of Unionism, and their gerrymandering and sleekit Sassunach treachery, regarding Scottish Oil, it is just a matter of when, and not if. We can also read some of the anti-Scottish bigotry and lies that are very common south of the border in some publications, which should in the interest of balance be added to AM2s "little list."

The irritating thing about the so called Scottish Sunday Express, is that I cannot find this article on the online edition and if you search for it, the site defaults to the English edition. The usual pseudo Scottish token jesture so common to the BBC and the Unionist parties, who stick Scottish in front of their name, but are centrally controlled from London.


subrosa said...

I hope you read the paper in the supermarket KW and didn't spend money on it. No they never put Scottish edition online. They're meagre effort in the daily edition is usually one or two days old too.

Key bored warrior. said...

I'm sad to say that in a moment of weakness I actually bought the sodding thing. I do my best in my own wee way to support local business, and it was about all that was left by the time I got there, apart from a fly blown copy of SOS, which I would not hang behind the cludgy door.

It would be interesting to find out what paers bloggers buy. Especially us "Cybernats," I do most of my reading on line.

There was also a very good article by Marc Coleman showing the Irish side of the story. It is not as bad as the Labour liars like Murphy and the rest of the inmates of "the intellectual vacum," would have us believe.

What inspiration you provide Rosie.

I think I will move this to the main page, it is to good to languish amongst the comments ;o)

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