Friday, 27 February 2009

Elmer Fudd.

It makes not a jot of difference to these Teflon coated elite, whether we are in bust or boom, protected as they are by the gold plated bubble of their own creation. But you can see now how they must be rejoicing at the emerging of the new witches, one in the shape of Bankster Fred Goodwin the greediest porker of them all. Oh how they needed this pariah to appear, and by God he will now be hounded to near death by these ruthless cynical elite, although it is hard to feel sorry for him.


subrosa said...

I don't feel sorry for Fred in the least, but I do so admire his negotiating skills and his deep understanding of the inabilities of the Westminster cabal.

Good post KW. Also pleased to see you've put the Dunbar Martyrs site piece up. I've been having email correspondence with an English nationalist about it and he says the English would let sleeping bones lie.

Another difference in the cultures comes to light.

Aye We Can ! said...

nice post

Its almost too easy kicking brown these days - were it not for the deference of the BBC and the rest of the media estabishment ( but BBC centra, make no mistake) surely public opinion alone would have run him out of town by now - I mean, he is a failure now even on his own washed up terms, the worst PM of al time, and one that has never won a vote - even in the Labour party

But dont be too surprised we all wake up one morning to find him gone in an overnight Labour Party coup. With Brown the comrades - over half of them ( we over half in Scotand) are going down for certain. With someone else they are probaby mostly all toast anyway, But at least the comrades will percieve they have a fighting chance.

And loyaty to gordy or oyalty to that £150k pus MP's package? There is ony one winner - I know that beast - the most suceesful job creation agency in the Western world - if youve got that members only entry card

And Robert McNeil? - i love him . Makes me proud to be Scottish

Key bored warrior. said...

Rosie, I was genuinely moved by the original piece you did on this as I said I had never heard this before which makes me angry. Of course I had heard of the Dunbar battle and how we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, bur had not realised what took place after it.

A bit similar to Culloden. The battle was bad enough but it was the years after it which hide the real story and horror.

Aye we can, love the moniker, PDB by the way! I watched Andrew Marr just now and Harriet Harperson was interviewed. She came across very well, of course totally in denial about Guantanamo and torture. It is now being shaped as a deniable. When I was in the mob we got involved in stuff that had to be 'deniable,'in other words, get caught and you are on your own. She also denied that she was about to launch a coup on Gordie, well she would, but I think it is very likely he will be ousted by her and the rest of her Harpies. She seems to be very credible.

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