Saturday, 21 February 2009

Unionist secrets.

From David McCann

The recent Times story about the UK Government¹s plot to derail the SNP¹s
" Scotland's Oil" campaign during the 1970s - actually appeared first
on BBC Alba.
'Dìomhair' (Secret), produced by independent TV production company,
Caledonia TV, was co written by George Rosie who tried in vain to interest
Scottish newspapers. A couple picked it up, but only after the Times did a
follow up.


What a sad reflection on our Scottish press that is, but no surprise really.
Dìomhair revealed how, for more than half a century, successive Conservative
and Labour Governments set aside their antipathy to share a common agenda:
stopping the march to independence. The film shows how governments of both
parties resorted to spying, Œdirty tricks¹ and sabotage to discredit the
SNP, its members and supporters, and to discredit the economics of
If you missed it first time around, you can see it again on BBC Alba, (if
you can receive it) on March 6th at 9PM.
What chance Newsnight Scotland doing their own special investigation, like
the one they did recently about the rise of Anti Englishness?
Don't hold your breath.


scunnert said...

"Scottish" media is in reality an organ of foreign propaganda. Boycott the Herald and the Scotsman - they're both shite.

Anonymous said...

You might like to see a list of Labour's latest spin

With these follow ups.

Glasgow Labour's school policy

Iain Gray undermined

Key bored warrior. said...

Scunnert, agreed on that, I only read some of their content on line I would never buy a copy, infact I have stopped buying any newsprint and stopped watching Newsnicht as my teeth are getting chipped.

Read it Cyber nat, thanks for that it is a well presented expose of these bigots and blinkered yes men.

Scot Independent.

Stuff I did ;)


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