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Andy Kerr has just published a letter to the East Kilbride News moaning and shroud waving on his perceived lack of school building by the SNP. Just as he moaned and waved his shroud when they reversed his disastrous policy of closing down A&E facilities in the region when he was a minister. Patients were going to die and we would see them walking the streets dragging their entrails behind them etc etc etc. Needless to say the sky stayed up and all is much as before.

The negativity of this MSP is only topped by Jim Murphy. At a time when East Kilbride is shedding jobs like snow of a dyke, because of the bogey munchers depression. Rumours abound that the local Fire Station is closing, and several Post Offices are closing, (voted for by Labour.) This is all this intellectualy challenged muppet has to say.

His trough swilling partner in crime Adam Ingram who now has five jobs in his portfolio is just as bad. So busy is he with his consultancy work, through contacts he made when he was a disastrous incompetent lying defence minister.

But another bright light of truth has been shone into this murky recess, in that a retired local councillor in East Kilbride by the name of Tony Carlin has had his identity stolen to publish letters in the local paper praising Ingram to the highest for his work in the town.Tony Carlin maintains that he did not write the letter nor was he asked to put his name to it.

In the words of Karen Dunbar....Aah smell shite!


subrosa said...

Oh I'll no be able to sleep the night after seein' that man Hoon's face. Ye cannae compare that wi a horse's erse surely? What an insult tae the horse.

brownlie said...

The fake letter writing is by no means unique. There are constant letters in the Stornoway Gazette praising the prospective Labour candidate for the Western Isles. Some of them he writes under his own name as well.

I had dealings with Ingram years ago and I was not impressed by the man. His actions since have confirmed my initial impression.

brownlie said...


How can you tell who's who?

Key bored warrior. said...

Rosie I'm so sorry, I am not a horsy person but I can see how offensive this may be to the horsy set. I had looked into pigs arses and hogs arses, (metaphotically,) but then I realised that there are a lot of farmers in this country, some I am friendly with who I have no wish to upset as they are big couthy lads, who think nothing of clouting you round the lugs.

Aye Brownlie, he is an orange bigot. Having been a member of the Orange Order in Barlanark, and took part in their sectarian marches. He is well known locally for his sectarian bigoted views. As a former shop steward and OU graduate he is not overendowed with brain cells, and as far as I am concerned is part of Labours knuckle dragging fraternity, a loud mouthed liar and a bully.

At the age of 16 he joined the junior Orange Order in Barlanark, Glasgow, and took part in three parades before leaving. He never played the flute. These two obscure facts were bones of contention in a court case in April, 2004. George Galloway MP, a Roman Catholic who was born in Dundee, Scotland, had stated in his autobiography that in his youth Ingram had "played the flute in a sectarian, anti-Catholic, protestant-supremacist Orange Order band". Ingram claimed that this was defamatory, and sued Galloway and his publisher to try to prevent the book being published. In court, it emerged that Ingram had indeed been a member of the Orange Order and the judge ruled that the phrase "sectarian, anti-Catholic, protestant-supremacist" was fair comment on that organisation. Although Ingram was not and never had been a flute-player, the defending barrister observed that "playing the flute carries no obvious defamatory imputation ... it is not to the discredit of anyone that he plays the flute." Ingram lost the case and was ordered to pay costs, but Galloway nevertheless agreed to amend future editions of his book to remove the imputation that Ingram had ever played the flute.

You can tell who is who in the captions by counting the number of orify in each image. A horses arse tends to have just the one as opposed to the others who have several. ;o)

Saor Alba.

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